Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Live Entertainment

Like most parents, I find myself completely entertained by my son (whether he is being good or not so good).  So I decided I needed to document some of the things that have entertained me lately.
1.  On my birthday, Toby crawled into bed with me and whispered, "Happy Birthday Mommy"  He then ran into the other room and got three cards that he made me at preschool that he had been hiding all week. 
They were the best cards ever!  He was so excited all day about my birthday!  Scott took him to the
store and he picked out Ring-toss and a Playdough Ice Cream Maker for me.  We enjoyed making pretend ice cream cones and sundaes the next day.  What a great birthday!

2.  This week Toby had a rough week at tumbling class.  He fell asleep on the way there and hasn't been feeling well for the past week and did not end up being a very good listener.  I know this can be bad, but I use bribery and if he is good he gets McDonald's after class and also gets tokens which he can save up to do fun things or get something he wants.  When we got in the car after class and he realized he didn't get to go to McDonald's because he wasn't a good listener Toby immediately started started screaming and crying.  (This is the example of the not so good entertainment).  He was convinced that I would change my mind and as he realized I wasn't changing my mind, he decided to say not so nice things.  First, he told me that he wasn't going to play with me.  That didn't work so he moved on to say he was moving out and moving in with his cousin Abby.  That didn't work either, so he then said, "I am not moving in with Abby, because she lives on Schoolwood Drive like us.  I am moving further away.  I am moving to Amber's house".  (Who lives more like 4 streets or so from us).  It was a long car ride home and continued once we got home.  Thank goodness I was able to work-out after he went to bed to relieve my stress!!!  And he didn't end up moving out :)
3.  On the way to preschool yesterday morning, Toby told me that he wanted his buddy Ethan to meet his cousin Abby.  I asked Toby, "why do you want Ethan to meet Abby"?  He smiled and said, "because she is beautiful"!  I then said, "Toby, who do you think is beautiful"?  He responded, "Abby and Amber because Amber always wears pretty dresses"! 
4.  It was a beautiful day yesterday so we decided to go for a walk (for me) and bike ride (for Toby) to Maa's house.  While we were at Maa's house, her neighbor came over who is going to install an alarm system.  Toby had to wait while the guy was talking to Maa.  He really wanted Maa to play hide and seek with him and was getting impatient.  He turned to me and said, "Mom, why is Maa talking to that guy she doesn't even know him!  I think it is time for him to leave."  He was very happy a few minutes later when the man left and he got to play with Maa.