Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Eventful Week

Toby started a new tumbling class on Monday. He is in a boy class at Fundamentals by Wright. He really enjoyed it and loved that Coach Randy told him he had a "killer handstand"! Along with the class each week they have free time where you can come in a second time and play. We took him today for the "Funtime". And boy did he have fun!!!!

(I tried to add another video of Toby on the Monkey Bars dropping on the ball pit but it wouldn't upload. It is on my Facebook page though)

Toby also started preschool this week. He loved being in the "Big boy class"! He also liked his new teachers! He talked the entire way home after I picked him up. He couldn't stop telling me about all the fun things he did at school. Wednesday we enjoyed a few hours at the Children's Museum. We had so much fun! Thursday night he had tumbling class where he has gone since he was a little little guy. (He has another week left there) We weren't sure how he would act this week as he was so tired but he ended up doing a pretty good job of listening. He always enjoys seeing his buddy Jaxcen at tumbling. He is very excited that Jaxcen is coming over to play with him Sunday! He had a blast last Sunday at Jaxcen's house!!!

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