Saturday, January 2, 2010

Toby's First Sleepover

A few months ago I picked Toby up from preschool and he and his cousin Abby informed me that Toby was having a sleepover that night.  The two of them made all these wonderful plans, unfortunately the next day was a work day and it couldn't happen.  Toby left preschool in tears.  I promised both of them that over Christmas break Abby could sleep over.  The day finally came and both Toby and Abby were so excited!  Toby got a play McDonalds Drive thru for Christmas and it was the first day McDonald's had the Chipmunk toys in the Happy Meal so they decided to have McDonalds for dinner and play McDonalds in the basement.  They also enjoyed riding scooters in the basement and watching Scott and I play the Wii.  They then decided they wanted to go back upstairs and play Toby's new Vmotion that he got from mommy and daddy for Christmas. 

They then decided it was time to put on their jammies and watch a movie in the tent where they were sleeping.

They went to sleep later than what Toby is used to but not horribly late.  Around 7:45 I heard two little voices from Toby's room and it was time to get up.  They enjoyed playing a little while longer before Abby had to go home.  The time went by so fast that we didn't get to do everything they wanted to do but I think they both had a great time and both took a LONG nap after the sleepover.

Happy 2010!

This year we stayed in for New Year's Eve.  We decided to have what we called a "Wii Party" in the basement.  We had so much fun!  Scott and Toby gave me roses!  And Scott cooked on the grill during what the news called an "artic blast".  It was such a great way to start off the new year.  Looking forward to the year ahead of us!  (Didn't get any pictures on New Year's Eve but couldn't post without a picture so here is one of Toby lounging in his snuggie on New Years Day)

Christmas 2009

The month of December was a busy one!!!  It was filled with many gatherings and celebrations.  Toby was very excited about Christmas this year!  "Fuzzy" Santa's elf joined us for the first time this year right after Thanksgiving.  Toby enjoyed getting up every morning and finding where Fuzzy was hiding.  Last night he even said that he missed Fuzzy.  He is anxious for his return next November.
The first family gathering was the Cork Family Christmas at Carribean Cove.  The kids had so much fun getting to swim.  They were all ready to get out of the water though when someone mentioned Santa had arrived.  Scott got to be the Elf this year.  Toby thought that was hilarious!

Toby also enjoyed going to the Christmas puppet show at the Indiana State Museum.  Last year he didn't not get called to go on stage and has talked about it for an entire year.  This year he was picked!  As was Cousin Cassidy.  They didn't show Toby what he was supposed to do but he didn't care as long as he was on stage.

After the puppet show, we had lunch with Toby's at the tea room.

On top of Christmas activities, Toby got to enjoy playdates with his buddy Jaxcen and James and Hayden.  He has so much fun with his friends!!  (Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that!)

Christmas Eve Toby enjoyed staying home and he got to open one present in the morning before daddy went to work.  He was so excited about his new digital camera that takes pictures and videos.  He spent most of the day making videos and cracking up at himself.  He has quite the sense of humor.  We picked daddy up for work and heading to Christmas with my family.  Our tradition for many years has been to have pizza at our favorite pizza place with the family and then back to Grandma Janie's and Papa Paul's for presents.  This year Great Grandma Faerene and Barry joined us!  As usual, Grandma Janie and Papa Paul spent way too much money on everyone.  Toby got lots of clothes and spy gear and Walkie Talkies!!! Toby and I started yelling when we opened our Wii!!!!!!  More than the presents though we enjoyed our time together as a family!!!  We love them so much! 

After all the excitement at Grandma Janie's it was time to go home and prepare for Santa.  Toby was so worn out from all the excitement of the day that he fell asleep on the way home and woke up only to put his pajamas on. 
Christmas morning was an exciting one!  The one thing he asked Santa for was the Scooby Doo Haunted House Game.  He was so excited to finally receive it and the McDonald's Drive Thru. 

He also enjoyed opening his presents from mommy, daddy and Hoiberg.  After opening all his presents at home, it was time to head across the street to cousin Danny and Abby's house for Christmas with the Corks.  Toby was pretty tired already by this point and had sort of a melt down.  Luckily, we live close and Scott took him home to cool off.  He then enjoyed opening his presents where he got even more stuff! 
Toby got a Knight Costume while Abby and Cassidy got Princess Costumes!

This year Toby got lots of dress up stuff!

It was another wonderful Christmas and we are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanksgiving ( I know I am posting this in January but it has been a busy couple of months)

We decided to head to Florida again this year for Thanksgiving. Although I really miss spending Thanksgiving with my family, I am enjoying the new tradition we are creating with Toby: Thanksgiving in Florida. With our busy work schedules we truly enjoy time away to enjoy family time together! When we went out to the beach Toby said, "this is amazing"! Scott's sister Sherri and her husband Ande were there as well but staying at the Sandpiper. Toby really enjoyed getting to do all the fun stuff at their hotel as well as our condo! We also got to watch the Colts game with them at BW-3s. Sherri, Toby, and I took a break from BW-3s and enjoyed some of the fun things offered at Pier Park.

We also bought him a wetsuit since it was pretty chilly so that he could enjoy both the beach and the little waterpark at our condo.

We also enjoyed the video game room at the condo! Especially the claw game when Uncle Ande won Toby a stuffed mouse (I wish I had a picture of that!)

Ma and Pop joined us on Wednesday and we went to everyone's favorite restaurant Shuckums for Thanksgiving.

We had so much fun in Florida that Toby asks every day when we are going back. We are all ready to go again!!!!!!