Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birthday Week!!!

What a week Toby had! It started last Saturday when Grandma Janie, Great-Grandma Faerene and Uncle Barry came over. Grandma Janie brought Toby the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine for his birthday! "It's just what I have always wanted", he said!

Then Ma came over and he got another present!!!! The Imaginext Space Station and Imaginext Spider Vehicle! He had so much fun playing with his new toys!!!

Monday night was tumbling class which he loves! He is always so happy to see his buddy Jaxcen at tumbling!

Tuesday night was his big Chuckee Cheese birthday party! Toby had so much fun and loved all his presents!!!!

Wednesday we stayed home the first half of the day to recover from the party. Toby enjoyed playing with all his new toys all morning! Late afternoon we met cousin Cassidy at Fundamentals by Wright for open gym! Toby and Cassidy had so much fun showing each other what they could do. Cassidy taught Toby how to do a forward flip on the bars! Toby was exhausted after open gym!
Thursday Toby took Monsters vs. Aliens to preschool for all his friends!
Friday we surprised him and took him to Kings Island for his birthday! We didn't tell him until we were pulling into the parking lot! Toby was soooo excited! His favorite ride was the Scooby Doo Haunted House. (or as Toby called it the Scooby Doo Haunted Man House) We rode the Scooby Doo ride 10 times!!
He insisted on sitting in the #4 swing on the Backyardigans swing since he was turning 4!

He rode the Little Bill Giggle Coaster first with Dad!

And Plankton's Plunge with mom!

And the train with Mom and Dad!

Toby met a little girl friend named Caylie. After he met her he wanted to ride every ride she wanted to ride! They were cute together!

A video of his huge smile on Swiper's Sweeper! He loved it!

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