Friday, January 1, 2010

Thanksgiving ( I know I am posting this in January but it has been a busy couple of months)

We decided to head to Florida again this year for Thanksgiving. Although I really miss spending Thanksgiving with my family, I am enjoying the new tradition we are creating with Toby: Thanksgiving in Florida. With our busy work schedules we truly enjoy time away to enjoy family time together! When we went out to the beach Toby said, "this is amazing"! Scott's sister Sherri and her husband Ande were there as well but staying at the Sandpiper. Toby really enjoyed getting to do all the fun stuff at their hotel as well as our condo! We also got to watch the Colts game with them at BW-3s. Sherri, Toby, and I took a break from BW-3s and enjoyed some of the fun things offered at Pier Park.

We also bought him a wetsuit since it was pretty chilly so that he could enjoy both the beach and the little waterpark at our condo.

We also enjoyed the video game room at the condo! Especially the claw game when Uncle Ande won Toby a stuffed mouse (I wish I had a picture of that!)

Ma and Pop joined us on Wednesday and we went to everyone's favorite restaurant Shuckums for Thanksgiving.

We had so much fun in Florida that Toby asks every day when we are going back. We are all ready to go again!!!!!!

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