Saturday, January 2, 2010

Toby's First Sleepover

A few months ago I picked Toby up from preschool and he and his cousin Abby informed me that Toby was having a sleepover that night.  The two of them made all these wonderful plans, unfortunately the next day was a work day and it couldn't happen.  Toby left preschool in tears.  I promised both of them that over Christmas break Abby could sleep over.  The day finally came and both Toby and Abby were so excited!  Toby got a play McDonalds Drive thru for Christmas and it was the first day McDonald's had the Chipmunk toys in the Happy Meal so they decided to have McDonalds for dinner and play McDonalds in the basement.  They also enjoyed riding scooters in the basement and watching Scott and I play the Wii.  They then decided they wanted to go back upstairs and play Toby's new Vmotion that he got from mommy and daddy for Christmas. 

They then decided it was time to put on their jammies and watch a movie in the tent where they were sleeping.

They went to sleep later than what Toby is used to but not horribly late.  Around 7:45 I heard two little voices from Toby's room and it was time to get up.  They enjoyed playing a little while longer before Abby had to go home.  The time went by so fast that we didn't get to do everything they wanted to do but I think they both had a great time and both took a LONG nap after the sleepover.


Dean, Mel, Ben, and Joey said...

yeah! Love your new blog format. You'll be glad you have kept it up. Dean prints out my blogs for me each year for Christmas and binds it, titling it "Melanie's Journal" and my 3 journals are my prized posessions.

The Cork Family said...

Thanks Melanie! I didn't think anyone read my blog. I have been meaning to change it for so long and finally had time when we were off for New Year's. I love your blog! What a great idea to bind it!!